Shadow’s Schedule

Shadow has a schedule in the weekdays.

When I wake up at 5:00am, he waits after I finish eating breakfast, showering, and having my personal time alone.

At 6:00am, we go for a nice walk around the neighborhood for 15-20 minutes. Then I leave for work.

He is either in his kennel during that time or someone is off from work and chilling with us. He gets things messy and ruins things out of spite if I let him loose in the house. I’ve thrown a total of about 2 shoes, 4 slippers, several plastic bags when I let him run around the house without human supervision.

I arrive home at 4:00p, we go for another walk.

Shadow will eat about twice a day and is self fed. I used to have a self feeder but because of our location I do not want to risk the cockroaches and rats sneaking into the food.

He is allergic to chicken and in a fish diet. I might have to change his dog food to something besides Blue Wilderness Basic Salmon and Sweet Potato though. His groomers said to try Origen. I’ll look into that.

Shadow will spend time with the family and just chill with us.

I really love my dog.


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