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Shadow’s Schedule

Shadow has a schedule in the weekdays.

When I wake up at 5:00am, he waits after I finish eating breakfast, showering, and having my personal time alone.

At 6:00am, we go for a nice walk around the neighborhood for 15-20 minutes. Then I leave for work.

He is either in his kennel during that time or someone is off from work and chilling with us. He gets things messy and ruins things out of spite if I let him loose in the house. I’ve thrown a total of about 2 shoes, 4 slippers, several plastic bags when I let him run around the house without human supervision.

I arrive home at 4:00p, we go for another walk.

Shadow will eat about twice a day and is self fed. I used to have a self feeder but because of our location I do not want to risk the cockroaches and rats sneaking into the food.

He is allergic to chicken and in a fish diet. I might have to change his dog food to something besides Blue Wilderness Basic Salmon and Sweet Potato though. His groomers said to try Origen. I’ll look into that.

Shadow will spend time with the family and just chill with us.

I really love my dog.


We moved

It’s been 7 months since our move.

I had to bring Shadow to the vet many times just to bypass quarantine. Lots of steps and the process was just a little crazy but I tried to stay organize. 

But Shadow is here but not Pudge. Pudge is with my mother-in-law up north. 

Shadow is really mellow for being only 4. But he’s a good boy. 

Coloring mandalas

I’ve been having a lot of anxiety lately and I can’t keep still. Someone gave me some pages of mandalas to color in. She said that they would keep mind focused and active.


So I completed two today. I like the complexity of coloring them and choosing what colors to use.


I guess this is helping me a bit and it looks beautiful in the end.

I need to find other tasks when I’m sitting still. I do some reading too.

The opposite of yesterday

So I come home and let Shadow and Pudge out the backyard.  Turns out the backyard is still muddy from yesterday’s storm.

Shadow and Pudge ended up muddy. Shadow was the worst. Muddy from face to tail and on his paws. I placed them in their crates to at least dry themselves but that still did not help. Shadow is still muddy. I tried to clean off as much dirt as I could but I probably will have to give him a bath tomorrow after work.



You can see the mud in his paws. There is a lot of mud on his thighs too.

My clean dog ends up dirty. I just hope everything will an good tomorrow since I have several guests comin over on Saturday.

Grooming Day

Today Shadow and Pudge had a morning grooming. I dropped them off at 0700 and picked them up around 1145.

Today is a pretty wet day. It finally stopped at 1300. My whole back yard has turned into a swamp/pond. I let the dogs out the back and turns out they were having a ball.

I had to dry them up because they were soaking wet but they were so happy outside.

Now they are sleeping and knocked out in the living room. Ah.. A good day off for me and a good grooming for them.